Mary P Spellings has earned a reputation as the painter of life and light. She is best known around West Tennessee for memorializing local scenes of historical significance. Mary is also known for capturing the personality of people and pets. Mary's work is characterized by strong value and exciting color. To make a birthday, retirement, or anniversary the most special occasion, commision Mary to make a custom watercolor of your family, friend, pet, home, or special place. A painting is a priceless investment that lasts a lifetime.

Artist Statement

Watercolor paint on wet paper excites me! I love to see it move right before my eyes. I enjoy the spontaneity of the medium, although sometimes I sacrifice it for a more predictable outcome. My favorite design elements are value, color, and texture. I love to energize a painting with strong contrast and create interest with color or unique textural elements. I constantly search for ways to interpret the ordinary in an extraordinary way. There is no way to predict what type subject will demand that I paint it. Typically for me, it is something in bright sunlight creating interesting shadow patterns. More recently I am fascinated by the colors and textures of weathered surfaces. I am beginning to use texture in a more playful way. I want the viewer to have the chance to see the subject as I do. I have been told that artists see things differently than "normal people". I would like my work to stop the viewer in their tracks, or at least slow them down and give them a new refreshed appreciation for the light and life we enjoy each day. Our life is a precious gift from God. We are all rushing through it. We need to cherish each precious moment.

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